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Expert Guidance for Solving - or Preventing! - Problematic Dog Behavior

Your Dream Dog provides behavior consultation, training, and matching services to dog owners in the Greater Boston, Metrowest, and Metrosouth/South Shore areas.

Don't live in the Boston Area? No problem, this website offers lots of resources to help you!

Ann Dupuis, owner of Your Dream Dog, is a creative, intuitive behavior consultant who helps people solve problem behaviors (including aggression) that can arise when the dog they have isn’t a perfect match.

Ann is a "Truly Dog Friendly" trainer who trains with her brain, not with pain. She applies a solid foundation in learning theory and science-based behavior modification techniques to teach reward-based training and two-way communication to dogs and their owners. For more information about "Truly Dog Friendly" trainers  please visit the Truly Dog Friendly website.


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Your Dream Dog is pleased to recommend various dog-related products through our affiliation with the following merchants. Every recommendation is based on the personal experiences of Ann Dupuis, owner of Your Dream Dog. Ann shops with these merchants herself, and every "Recommended Product" link is to a product that Ann and her dogs have reviewed, enjoyed, and/or benefited from. Shopping through will help support this website. In addition, 5% of earnings from affiliate referral fees will be donated to deserving animal charities such as the MSPCA and NEADS. Thank you!

In Affiliation with Animal Behavior Associates

Drs. Suzanne Hetts and Daniel Estep of Animal Behavior Associates have created a wide variety of products (booklets, books, audio CDs, and DVDs) with information for pet parents who are experiencing problem behaviors with their pets. Visit "Helping" for a variety of information on dogs and dog behavior. Cat owners will find a similar wealth of information on "

In Affiliation with Canis Clickertraining

Norwegian dog trainers Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Koeste are Karen Pryor ClickerExpo faculty members. Ann Dupuis of Your Dream Dog had the pleasure of attending their "○Reliability?: Thy Name Is Back-chaining" presentation at ClickerExpo in Newport, Rhode Island in 2009. It was a fascinating topic with inspiring video and practical applications in her own training. Their book, "Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer" is an excellent introduction to clicker training as well as a great resource for experienced clicker trainers who want to perfect their techniques.

In Affiliation with Clicker Expo

Anyone who's serious about improving their animal training should do their best to attend Clicker Expo at least once! The Clicker Expo faculty rank among the top trainers in the world. Clicker Expo offers informative sessions in the following categories: All Levels (geared for everyone with an interest in clicker training regardless of experience), Foundation (for those new to clicker training), Intermediate, and Advanced. There are "Learning Sessions" (lectures, often with multimedia presentations) and "Learning Labs" (hands-on training workshops) and a great collection of like-minded trainers to network with!

ClickerExpo - Animal Training Expo

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Dogwise's offerings include hard-to-find books and videos by top dog experts. Consider buying all of your dog-related books from Dogwise. This will help support their publishing branch, which publishes important new books that otherwise might not see the light of day. They also reprint select older books that larger publishers simply aren't interested in keeping in print.

Dogwise - All Things DOG!

In Affiliation with Karen Pryor's Clicker Training
Karen Pryor's Clicker Training website provides a wealth of information on clicker training and positive training methods. The Karen Pryor Clicker Gear Store carries books, videos, and training gear for clicker training. Their new "Click Flicks" are short downloadable video lessons a great way to learn clicker training!

In Affiliation with Only Natural Pet Store

 Looking for truly natural and healthy food for your pet? Only Natural Pet Store offers products in line with a holistic approach to pet health and care: top-quality dog and cat food (including raw and organic foods), healthy treats, natural flea and tick control, vitamins and supplements, and more. Oh, yeah, that includes dog-friendly training gear (no choke chains or pinch collars or electronic shock collars here!) as well as toys, grooming equipment, and other pet supplies.

In Affiliation with Orvis

Orvis is probably best known for clothing and fly fishing gear, but they have a great selection of dog-related products as well!

120x150 Dogs

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There's only one thing better than's customer service: the fact that they hand-pick and test every product they carry (just like I do with the products I recommend on my websites!).

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Visit Sojourner Farms, and learn more about their fresh foods program for dogs and cats, and how you can make all-natural, homemade pet food in minutes.

In Affiliation with Wysong

Wysong, founded in 1979 by Dr. Randy Wysong, is a manufacturer of natural and holistic pet foods. Unlike many commercial dog food companies, which have their foods produced by a third-party "co-packing" facility that makes dog food for many different companies and brands, Wysong owns their own USDA-inspected manufacturing facilities. They offer natural pet foods (dry and wet) and also specially processed raw food diets.

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